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Put sleep disruptions to bed
with the Zen Sack™

Designed to mimic the security of your gentle touch for uninterrupted comfort, the Zen Sack eases the transition from swaddles and soothes through sleep regressions.

Where are you in the journey?

Baby struggling to sleep without the cozy swaddle?

As your baby adjusts to more mobility, their sleep may suffer. Soothe your baby through this transition with the Zen Sack


Gentle weight provides continuous comfort.

Roomy sack allows a range of movements.

Looking for 6 - 12 months or 12+ months?

My 3 month old kept getting out of her swaddle and waking 2 times a night. I decided to get the zen sleep sack to transition her out of the swaddle. The first night we used it she slept the whole night through! She’s a wild sleeper so it allows her to move her legs and be happy. So happy we got it!



Developmental changes causing sleep regressions?

Rolling over, sitting up, teething can disrupt sleep. Include the Zen Sack in your baby’s routine, to help them overcome regressions.


Gentle weight becomes a positive sleep association.

Zen Sack signals when it's time to sleep.

Looking for 3-6 months or 12+ months?

My little peanut loves his sack and it has made his bedtime routine better, he knows when it’s on it’s time for a nap or bed and he doesn’t fight me for sleep anymore. And he has gone from being a terrible sleeper, awake every hour to only waking up twice a night to eat! We don’t go anywhere without our sleep sacks and will be ordering plenty more!


Baby still not sleeping through the night?

When babies are unable to self-soothe, they wake up looking for mid-night cuddles. Use the Zen Sack to help your baby sleep through the night.


Gentle pressure feels like your palm all night.

Babies learn to fall (and stay) asleep independently.

Looking for 3-6 months or 6-12 months?

Absolutely LOVE this product! When my baby is starting to get fussy or wake up the weight of the sack comforts him and he falls right back asleep! It’s perfect for tummy sleepers since you can wear it backwards. Worth the money I would definitely recommend!



Just-right comfort.

100% cotton that gets softer with every wash.

2-way zipper

2-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze.

Adjustable straps and sizes from 0-to 24 months grow with baby.
View the size chart.

TOG of 1.0 - Perfect for Summer days and cooler nights.

Zipper covers, cuddly seams and soft tags protect your baby’s skin.

Safety-first design.

Perfectly calibrated

Designed with expert guidance, the Cuddle Pad™ is minimally weighted only where needed, for babies 7 pounds and over, to mimic the feel of your reassuring palm.

Trusted by over 2.5 million parents

Recommended by certified sleep consultants and parents alike, our products are trusted in millions of homes to help babies self soothe to sleep.

Designed for safety

Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, our products are built with safety considerations for optimal breathability and your peace of mind.

Our Good Night's Sleep Promise

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Free Sleep Advice

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Other Zen Sack Options

Zen Sack Winter

Zen Sack Winter

Super thick, plush cotton. Perfect for chilly winter nights.

Zen Sack Premier

High quality bamboo construction. Whimsical prints.

Good sleep
runs in the family.

Zen Swaddle®

Traditional wrap

provides uncommon


Zen Footie™

Cozy choice

for active babies 


Zen Neo™

Loaded with easy features,

this swaddle is the

new nesting essential

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