The Zen One™, 

the only swaddle you'll ever need.

Gently weighted to help babies fall asleep faster and sleep longer, the Zen One easily adapts to every sleep need, from birth to 6 months. 

The Zen One's adaptable features provide continuous comfort at every sleep stage.



Rolling over

Active sleeper

Newborn startles? Put them to rest.

The Zen One has a secure inner band that holds your baby’s arms tight to prevent wake-ups from startle reflex.


Active sleeper


Rolling over

 For active sleepers who prefer arms free, the Zen One has quick-drying mesh sleeves to promote self-soothing for thumb suckers.

 Got an active sleeper? Help them self soothe.


Rolling over


Active sleeper

Arms free transition for babies who roll

The Zen One has removable sleeves, making it a safe option for your baby once they start rolling over.

Just-right comfort.

95% cotton and 5% spandex; gets softer with every wash.

2-way zipper

2-way zipper lets babies sleep through diaper changes.

2 sizes that grow with your baby from birth to 6 months.
View the size chart.

TOG of 1.0 - Everyday comfort, from summer to winter.

Zipper covers, cuddly seams and soft tags protect your baby’s skin.

Safety-first design.


We partnered with pediatric pulmonologists, to ensure sufficient airflow. The gentle weights are as light as your palm and safe for babies 7 pounds or over.

Beats safety standards by 8x

Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, our products exceed industry safety standards, provide ultimate breathability, and are toxin-free.

The choice of professionals

Recommended by certified sleep consultants, Zen Sleepwear™ is trusted by leading pediatric hospitals and NICUs across the country.

Our Good Night's Sleep Promise

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Good sleep
runs in the family.

Zen Sack

Best for babies ready to transition out of a Swaddle.

Zen Footie

The right choice for babies on the go who like legs free.

Zen Bodysuit

Perfect for babies who like bare legs on warm days.

Zen Swaddle

Great for newborns who like to be tightly wrapped.

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