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I bought this for my son when he was 2 months old, after trying out many different swaddles and wearable blankets. He loves sleeping in my arms, but mamas gotta get her sleep too! 

This swaddle keeps him comforted and snuggly, and he can't kick his legs around too much and wake himself up. It works perfectly with arms swaddled in or out, we do out because he's a wiggly little guy and likes to move his arms. 

I only wish I had found this sooner! I definitely recommend any mamas to be to pick this up - you won't regret it!

Absolutely LOVE this swaddle! My little guy fell asleep best when my hand was rested on his chest while he was in the bassinet or when he was in my arms. 

Now, swaddled with the Zen Swaddle, it gives him the comfort of an embrace and I get to watch my little guy gently drift off to sleep all swaddled up nice and comfy! 

Would HANDS DOWN recommend this to ANYONE! (Side note: If you are transitioning from arms in to arms out for swaddling, you can easily leave one out with this swaddle even though it may not appear so.)

So far this swaddle has worked great for us and our four week old. Curious to try the sack as our little one is not a fan of having his arms pinned down - regardless we have been using this swaddle nightly and it really does seem that it helps him sleep a little longer, and perhaps get to sleep a little more quickly. 

Very easy to use (especially for someone as bad as swaddling and getting a tight swaddle as myself) and I love the idea of having a light weight to the chest as our baby really seems to find comfort with this. Velcro has a very strong hold (especially compared to some other swaddle brands we have tried) which is also nice. 

Also excited that we can get use out of this for a long time as he can easily grow into it and fit in the larger pocket size.



According to studies from the Stanford University, department of psychology, physical contact with a caregiver appears essential to reducing the release of stress hormones, thus helping infants calm and control their response to stress.

Another study from Duke University Department of pharmacology, shows that chemicals released under positive touch, have direct and crucial effects on infant’s growth.

Furthermore, this research also proves that this same effect can be seen when the touch is induced by stimulating pressure receptors with the help of an object applying similar pressure to the touch from a person.

Resources: Impact of Perceived Self-Efficacy in Coping With Stressors on Components of the Immune System, American PsychologicalAssociation,Inc. 1990, Vol.59, NO.5,1082-1094- Published research of Dr. Schanberg in his book “Touch In Early Development”